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“I knew it! I had a feeling that my family and I could not be the ONLY ones who treasure this movie. We have loved Ishtar since the first time we saw it.”

“Our family thought we were the only ones in the world who liked Ishtar…Now it’s gratifying to know that we aren’t quite as weird as we thought we were for loving this film.”

“Elaine May should get some special award for what she so unjustly endured for Ishtar, and I can only hope that all these years later, she will be vindicated- not just among those who already appreciate it, but among everyone who hasn’t yet had the chance to.”

“I’m looking forward to your film as a validation of everything I’ve believed for over twenty years: Ishtar is a funny movie with some great comedic acting, vulnerability by the lead actors, and excellent music that purely captures the awesome unawareness of truly bad singer-songwriters. What’s not to love?”

“I can’t wait to see the documentary. Sounds like it will be great. Keep us posted and good luck!!”



5 thoughts on “Comments

  1. Today, after hearing of the death of Jonathan Crombie, I was saddened to know that a beloved actor and film maker, is no longer with us. Gil, you will be missed!

  2. As the commenter before me, hearing of “our Gilbert”, Mr. Jonathan Crombie’s passing has brought me to this project blog. Perhaps as is oft the case, through loss we can discover more about the actor through his passion for Waiting For Ishtar and our own memories of the film. I remember the bad press, more than the film itself lol, which is what I think the filmmaker’s of this documentary are exploring. Thank you to those involved, and thank you Jonathan, for your contribution to film and our hearts, and like many of your now bereft fans, we too, will be Waiting for Ishtar! Peace~

  3. I had never even heard of Ishtar until I happened to see your video concerning the making of your film on YouTube when watching interviews of Jonathan. As a result, I’m now here on your page and will check out the movie and your film when it’s released. 🙂

  4. I am so happy to learn that there are people who like _Ishtar_! As some others have posted, I too have found my way here upon learning (belatedly) of Jonathan Crombie’s surprising death — so it’s a bittersweet happiness. I’m looking forward to _Waiting for Ishtar_….

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